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Man with the dreams, born in a middle class family in the city of Ferozepur, Punjab. Childhood was full of hardships as father passed away, when he was just 14 years . His mother , Balwant Kaur had the iron will and determination to raise her three sons without her husband and with limited sources but abundant difficulties. Maninder Singh was the eldest one. He became responsible and mature at the very young and tender age and stood with mother to face the harshness of life .

Continued his journey from nothing to everything. After his schooling from Ferozepur, he did his graduation from Arya college, Ludhiana. After that he completed his professional chemical engineering from UDCT, Mumbai. Started his carrier with just rs 900 in his pocket. Struggled day and night , faced plenty of difficulties , but was adamant to move on. Made great fortune on the land of Gujarat. Emerged as the chairman of multiple enterprises.

Most versatile, Intelligent and witty chemical engineer he was, who created everything from nothing. He proved that anything is possible. He started Prolife group of industries, which is giving livelihood to thousands. He made Prolife Hospitals Ludhiana, to help the needy. Despite his short life span he lived extraordinarily big. Really a real visionary, genius of chemicals, great person with golden heart, industrialist, philanthropist and a great son and brother. May the god gives us strength and vision to continue his marvellous legacy and can run m.S. Jolly foundation to do something good for the society. Expecting collective efforts from all to help the needy through this foundation.

Remembering him always
Dr. HS Jolly

MS Jolly Foundation

M.S Jolly Foundation is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab. It was the dream of Late. Dr Maninder Singh Jolly who was a real visionary, an industrialist, a philanthropist and a man with a golden heart.  He aimed to give life to thousands of people who could not afford to get themselves treated. M.S Jolly Foundation is the legacy of late dr Maninder SIngh Jolly which is now being managed by Dr H.s Jolly.

Our Vision

To deploy best possible treatment to men, women and children who have inadequate funds to bear the cost of their health treatment. We also promote good healthcare governance among the society

Our Mission

To work with the economically deprived families and to support them in their treatment of surgeries. We also aim to help the needy to get the best healthcare treatment in the city.

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